Hi there,

I am Peter Molnar, a software developer, Apple enthusiasm , father of two.

Everybody has a different story, why he or she wants to learn programming, and why particularly on iOS/OS X platform.

My long story short: I started my career as a developer more than 20 years ago. In the meantime I drifted apart from the programming, but I was still on the IT field as a sysadmin/IT Manager. In 2104 I decided and successfully changed my career path, and became a Software Developer at an insurance company, using eWAM and Gold language to maintain the current software of the company.

My target is to build and maintain iOS and OS X apps eventually, that’s why I am still trying to focus on learning these materials.

I hope this blog, the journey of becoming iOS or OS X developer will help you as well to make your dreams come true.

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