How to disable verbose debugging in Xcode 8 [U]

After upgrading from Xcode 7 to Xcode 8, I have just noticed that when I am using the simulator, my debug console is getting full with weird messages. Some of the messages could be interesting, but my concern is that my short NSLog messages tend to be disappear in the surrounding noise.

It seems that the extra debugging can be easily switched off by adding an Environment Variable to our Project’s Debug Scheme.

In order to do this, go to Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme. Click on the Run on the left side menu, then on the Arguments on the top. If you clicked well, you can see (a probably empty) list of Environment variables.
Add the following entry to the list:
Value: disable

Click on Close.

Xcode 8 logging crazy mode has been deactivated…


Update: It seems that the original behaviour will be restored in Xcode 8.1, based on the beta 2 release note.

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