Learn Swift on your iPhone: Unwrap

21. August 2018 Beginner, Swift 0

Ok, I have already mentioned how to get access to a machine from your web browser, which runs Swift. There is also a good resource from Paul Hudson, who is the author of a dozen of Swift books.

Paul decided to write an iOS app, called Unwrap where you can learn the basics of Swift. He put the whole app on GitHub, so it is open for testing and for pull requests. Although it is on GitHub, the project itself is not open source, so please read all of the respective materials before cloning or forking the repository!

You can have 2 takeaways from the code mentioned:

  1. An app with a few minute long lessons, and with a lot of opportunities to test and exercise your knowledge. On the top of that there is also a point collection system, which keeps you motivated and feels like you are playing a game.
  2. Get a sneak peak of a code, written by a professional iOS developer. I would suggest to try to read and play with it, to check how much do you understand, and what are the special solutions/best practices applied in this app.

Don’t forget: this App is not released yet, so you may encounter issues with that, but overall it is quite stable to run in your phone.

Here are the steps to get this App on your phone: (I assume you have already a developer account with Apple. If not, you can even register an Apple ID, and Download the Xcode: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2015/12/24/how-to-create-a-free-apple-developer-account-xcode/ ).

1. Clone or fork+clone it to your local Mac.
2. Set up your Developer account in Xcode for the project.
3. Connect your iPhone, and start to run on it.

The project available here: https://github.com/twostraws/Unwrap

Have a great learning time!

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