printf(“Hello world!”);

So, you want to learn iOS development, as I do?

Let’s try to put it together what we all need to go forward on this learning path. I am sure that you have the temptation to do it as quick as it is possible, with some shortcuts, but I strongly suggest to give yourself some time to get the most out of this journey, because time and practice will help you to understand the concepts and to see the full picture.

I started my career 20 years ago in the software development, but meanwhile I have been working in the IT since then, until recently I drifted away from the full-time developer jobs. In the last year I got fired, and that twist gave me the opportunity to change my career path. Currently I am working as a software developer, in a special programming language, called Gold, and in a special development environment: eWAM. That required from me to learn a new language in a quite of short time, and based on this experience I can tell you that every learning process needs mostly time, proper resources, and learning materials.

My goal with this blog to help you (and myself as well;)) to become a better programmer, and eventually a full-time iOS and Mac developer.

It will be a long road, but I’m sure it will be worthwhile.


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    sushant ubale on December 9, 2016 Reply

    can u tell me which website gives step by step ios coding tutorials?

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