How to find easily the new iOS beta features

When I was reading about the new App Store review view controller, which is most likely provided in iOS 10.3 on different technology blogs and newsletters, I wanted to try it out immediately.

So I started to look after it, where could I acquire more information about it. The answer was so obvious (except the technology blogs), and still not really advertised, I decided to make a blog post from it.

Apple has a marvellous API documentation online, on the address. The only trick here is in the top-right corner, where you can find the “Show API Changes” button. If you click on it, you will have a nicely coloured and highlighted sets of the changed APIs. You can also select from a drop down menu under the “Hide API Changes” button, the versions between the changes need to be shown.

Actually, in the Xcode beta there is also a menu item under the Help, called “API Changes”, but at the time of writing of this article, it will drop you to a landing page of the API changes, and not to the actual API documentation.

By the way the answer is for the App Review controller is in the StoreKit Framework, and you need just call [SKStoreReviewController requestReview]; in order to display the review.

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