Stay tuned, Stanford iOS10 course by Paul Hegarty is coming! [U]

12. February 2017 Beginner, Swift, Xcode 0

Update: It has been officially released:

One of the redditors spotted this YouTube playlist, with the first few lectures of the “Developing Applications for iOS (10), Winter 2017”. According to the videos Paul Hegarty is using Xcode 8, and Swift 3, which is a great news, due to the source code compatibility introduced in Swift 3. Which means that this knowledge will be long standing. In the nutshell, if you write your code in Swift version 3, you don’t need to go through the painful migration of your (and the 3rd parties) source code with the newer versions.

Although, there is no sign of the course on iTunes U yet, I bet it will pop up there some time from now.

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